Dustin on the Issues

An affordable Albany, Guilderland and New Scotland for all

  • Work on creative solutions to increase our affordable and accessible housing
  • Create starter homes to bridge the gap between renting and home ownership
  • Promote small businesses by fighting shoplifting, creating more opportunities for growth such as the Beverage Trail Dustin helped to establish in Albany County, boosting the local tourism economy and continue Pat Fahy’s work with local vineyards.

Public Safety

  • Reduce Gun Violence. As a County Legislator, Dustin was endorsed by Moms Demand Action because he authored and passed three important pieces of legislation on the issue.
  • Safer Neighborhoods.
  • Supporting front line workers and law enforcement while fighting for a fair and equitable justice system for all.
  • Making sure law enforcement has the resources they need to develop new ways of engaging the community to cut crime.
  • Funding re-entry programs so that we can stop the cycle of prison to release to re-arrest and going back to prison.

 An Economy where all can prosper and live their American dream

  • Workforce development means keeping SUNY graduates here in the Capital District as well as linking tradespeople to good paying union jobs.
  • Strengthening the green economy with jobs and EV infrastructure
  • Dustin is the pro labor candidate. He supports the right to organize so that we can strengthen our unions and re-build the middle class.


  • Abortion is healthcare plain and simple. Dustin believes women should have bodily autonomy and the absolute right to make her own healthcare decisions. Dustin will work with pro-choice organizations here and across the country to protect a woman’s right to choose.
  • Ending the stigma around caring for those with mental health and substance abuse issues.
  • Better access to rural healthcare.
  • Better pay for frontline and healthcare workers–from EMTs to our LPNs and Nurses.
  • Dustin supports our frontline healthcare workers and he will work hand in hand with them to support them. Dustin has been endorsed by SEIU1199.